Here is what EHS Class of '62 alums have to say about a 55th Reunion in 2017.

Don Henry
(Reunion Planning Committee Chair):  " My wife Kathy and I will be there."
Claudia (Houts) Cox:  "Yes! I'm up for a 55th.  I think a casual  55th would be a great
    idea. Not living in CA, I don't have a clue as to where to hold it.  I'm happy to help
    with whatever I can do."
Jan (Rosenthal) Clark:  "I wasn't able to attend the 50th celebration, and if I am still 
    breathing, I would attempt to attend the 55th."
Bonnie (Leonard) Rardin:  "I enjoyed the 50th, and I think a 55th reunion sounds like
     fun!     Let's do it!"
Wayne Giroux:   "I will be there."
Craig & Sharon (Beisner) Bumgarner:  "Yes, we would come.  As to the location, I
   think we should look at a good retirement facility that serves soft and easy on all of
    you  OLD FOLKS..."
Sandy Sanderson:  "Keep me posted, I'd love to come if I can work it out."
Jan (Depretis) Vieth:  "I would attend a 55 reunion if one is scheduled."
Diane Schultz:  "I haven't been able to attend any of the reunions.  Like Jan, if I'm still
    kicking, I'm sure going to try to make the 55th."
Kirby Hall:  "I have not made the previous reunions, but would very much like to come
      to a 55th reunion celebration." 
Annette "Nettie" (Wachsman) Hill: "I, too, did not make it to the 50th, but would
      love to make the 55th.  God willing I will still be kicking!  I live in Arizona and
      would selfishly love to see you have the reunion here.  Lots of fun things to do and
     see, easy in and out, and not nearly the traffic found in CA."
Gretchen (Fuerst) Hillman:  "If able, I will attend the 55th.  Suggeted location:
     some place with light/sunlight, cool, accessible, pleasant.  Botanical Gardens,
     Claremnt; a park; does West Covina have an arboretum?"
Gene Anawalt:  "Diane and I are planning on coming to the 55th year reunion.  We
     thought it (the 50th) was very well planned and the location was fine.  The car
     show was a nice added benefit."
Bob Frost:  "Will be there.  Let me know what you need and I'll help.  Aloha
Mike Houlihan:  "I will attend -- hope it's a success."
Roger Heath:   will attend
Jon Yuriar:  will attend
Bob Peterssen:   will attend