Restored Trojan mosaic
Restored Trojan mosaic

Welcome Class of '62!


2022 News Flash!  EHS CLASS OF '62 HOLDS  60TH REUNION   
"Who does that?"  some might ask.   WE  DO!  CHEERS TO 60 YEARS!

While most of our classmates chose to celebrate at home, a few brave Trojans did travel to a warm West Covina on July 16 to gather together to celebrate the occasion.  They came from near and far--Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona.  They came to the Hurst Family Ranch--just across the street from EHS--where they joined hundreds of alums from all the classes that attended EHS from its opeining in 1959 to its clossure in 1988 as this was the day of the All-Class Reunion Picnic sponsored every July by the EHS Alumni Assoc.  A special THANK YOU to the Alumni Assoc. for sharing their venue, their decorations, their photographer, and their DJ.  Class of '62 simply showed up, set up a great memorabilia table, took a few pictures, and arranged lunch for 40 members, friends, and guests.

It was September 1959 when EHS opened its not quite finished doors to 705 eager 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.  Those students would share a special bond and become the graduating classes of '61, '62, & '63.  The Class of '62 is proud to have friends from the classes of '61 and '63 join us in celebrating this milestone:  CHEERS TO 60 YEARS!
Welcome Class of '62 and Class of '61

EHS All-Class Reunion Picnic 2021

It was unfortunate that the annual EHS All-Class picnic fell victim to the 2020 COVID pandemic and was cancelled.  That made the 2021 event held on July 17th very speical and a heartfelt celebration of old friends.   Attending the all-day event were 348 alumni from nearly all of the 25 EHS classes.  The group had to adjust to a new location -- from Cameron Park to the historic Hurst Ranch at Orange and Merced Avenues, across from the old EHS football field.   Class of '62 adjusted easily to not having to set up pop-ups, tables, and chairs as we settled into the air conditioned banquet hall.  We also adjusted easily to sharing ample space with old friends from the Class of '61 who enjoyed a mini 60th reunion under our watchful eyes.  Class of '61 was the FIRST class to graduate from Edgewood; Class of '62 was the second.  Don Henry took notes as next year it will be our turn to celebrate the big 60!! 
In early March 2020, Don Henry flew to Honolulu and held a mini-reunion with classmates Alan Freidinger and Bob Frost.

Mini-Reunion 2020

2020 mini-reunion in Honolulu hosted by Don Henry.
Class of '62 kicks up our heels!

EHS All-Class Reunion Annual Picnic 2019

July 20, 2019 - Cameron Park in West Covina is once again the place for EHS alums to be!  Special thanks to those hardy folks from Class of '62 who came early to reserve our favorite spot under the shady oak tree;  erected pop-ups; brewed coffee; hung our banner and memory picture boards; arranged chairs; displayed yearbooks.  Our green and gold vinyl table coverings were a site to behold!  We received news from Alumni Assoc. representatives that next year's picnic to be held July 18, 2020, would be our last at this beautiful park.  Plans are to hold the 2021 picnic at the historic Hurst Ranch.   The site, across the street from EHS, was visited by Don Henry and Kathy (Kirkpatrick) Crane and given a thumbs up!  Mark your 2020 calendar and come join us for one more picnic at Cameron Park.
Class of 62 receives a warm welcome!

EHS All-Class Reunion Annual Picnic 2018

July 21, 2018 - EHS alums gather once again at Cameron Park in sunny West Covina.  Class of '62 is front and center!  We have all recovered from our 55th Reunion celebration last October, and our class banner has been updated to announce this is year 56 for us.  Class of 62 representatives will proudly take this opportunity to present to the EHS Alumni Assoc  a donation to its scholarsip fund benefitting EHS seniors.  Funds left over from our 55th were designated for this purpose by the Reunion Committee.

Cheers to 55 Years!

Edgewood High Class of 1962 (GO TROJANS!) held its 55th Reunion on October 28, 2017, at the Kellogg West Resort and Conference Center on the Cal Poly-Pomona campus.  After enjoying an informal reception at the on-site hotel, the group of alums and guests made their way to the main building for more food, more drink, music, and dancing.
Greetings Trojans!

EHS All-Class Picnic 2017

Greetings Trojans!   July 15, 2017 - The annual EHS All-Class picnic at Cameron Park in sunny West Covina is about to get underway!    The crowd is buzzing with the news:  Class of '62 is having a 55th Reunion!   Woo-Hoo!  Get out the partee hats!

"Cheers to 50 Years" Reunion Pre-Party

October 13, 2012 - Kellogg West - The 50th Reunion celebration begins early at the hospitality room.

"Cheers to 50 Years" The Main Event

50 Alums and 30 guests gather to celebrate Edgewood High School's class of  1962 50th Reunion.

Remembering 1962

People, places and things from 1962
Betty (Ferrero) Sheldon

2010 All Class Reunion Picnic


2011 All Class Reunion Picnic

Restored Trojan mosaic

Edgewood High "Open House" Feb. 2012

We gather for our group class photo under the shade of our favorite old oak tree at the annual EHS all-class picnic.

2013 EHS All-Class Picnic - Cameron Park