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Too many missing classmates!
August 2011 -- Letters announcing the Reunion and introducing this website were sent to over 100 classmates whose addresses were in the reunion files. Mail returns will mean more "missing!" Keep...
Last Post: Oct 28th 2013
Author: bsheldon101
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Janice Burkey
Does anyone know what happened to Janice? We kept in touch for many years - the last I heard from her, she and the family lived in W. VA. Thanks!!!
Kathy Fritz (
Last Post: Jan 19th 2012
Author: Kbarthrop
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Roger Burright(EHS 1962)
Does anyone have any information about Roger Burright? He is not on the missing classmate list.
Last Post: Jan 8th 2012
Author: scdiane1036
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We must have many classmates coming to the reunion that are golfers??
Last Post: Oct 27th 2011
Author: coxhouse
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Marylin Clark(EHS1961)
Looking for information regarding Marylin Clark,EHS 1961. Anyone with contact information regarding Marylin; please contact Kathy Kirkpatrick Crane or Don Henry. Thank you.
Last Post: Oct 24th 2011
Author: DHenry
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