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Too many missing classmates!
August 2011 -- Letters announcing the Reunion and introducing this website were sent to over 100 classmates whose addresses were in the reunion files. Mail returns will mean more "missing!" Keep checking the missing page to see if you recognize someone and "Contact us!"
Profile picture Sharon Tronsgard Re: Too many missing classmates!
Well, I've been missing since 1964. I'll come to a 50th Reunion. Sharon Tronsgard (Hodges) 7111 Bronner Circle #7 Louisville KY 40218

Pam Kincaid is a supervisor at TSA. She is living in Portland OR, but can't say she was exactly friendly. We used to live on the same street, walked to school together, then after graduation, she got involved with the LA County Sheriff's Dept. Next thing, she's working for TSA. I got a n email from her a few years ago, but she wasn't interested in Edgewood Hi or old friendships. And I'm not interested in anybody who works at TSA and thinks Obama is the cat's pajamas.