#1 --  The "MISSING" category consists of classmates with no address on file, or whose last known address is no longer valid.   Number: 51 as of 9/29/18

If you have information on a missing classmate, please "Contact Us."

Catherine Alton
Dick Atkins
Ron Bestor     MAIL RETURN
Max P. Bleiweiss
Barbara Blomo
Alvin Bryant
Matthew Cercone
Judi A. Como (Young)
Carol Davila
David P. Fairfax
Harold Ferrell     MAIL RETURN
Bertha Fogle
Waynnita Francis
Agnes Galluzzo
Arthur L. Garcia     MAIL RETURN
Chery L. Garner
Steven Graubard     MAIL RETURN
Dave E. Hafner
Betsy Hutchings
Robert Jablonsky     MAIL RETURN
Richard L. Langdale
Jim C. Lange     MAIL RETURN
Linda G. Lithgow
Rich A. Mangold
Shirley Martin (Cathey)     MAIL RETURN
Leslie E. McMillen
Frank L. Micek
Jim A. Miller
Mary Mitchell (Moss)     MAIL RETURN
Thomas R. Mungall
Bonnie S. Overlin
Delores M. Palmer
Anita R. Pennington
Carlos Perez
Norman H. Reeves     MAIL RETURN
Michael G. Rizzo
Janet C. Schwieger
Cheryl L. Sennett (Hayes)
Richard R. Shaw
Marshall E. Sherman
Earl Singer
Jerry L. Smith     MAIL RETURN
Mary L. Stevenson
Del Stout
Gilbert L. Vaughn
Sandra D. Walsh
Alice D. Ward
Sherrie Wetherell (Wagner)     MAIL RETURN
Larry J. Williams
Judith K. Worrell
George Zacaro

#2 --  Another category of classmates we have yet to contact is the NO MAIL RETURN/NO RESPONSE to the reunion announcement letter sent in August to their last known address.  Recognize anyone?   Number: 32 as of 5/28/22

Diana (Alner) Miller - Lonna (Becker) Fonlkes -  Dave Broomhead - Joan (Brownlee) Bentley - Roger Burright - Cathy (Carroll) Anderson - Bob Chick - Nancy (Conkling) Wells -   Ken Edward Fraser -   Everett Hinchcliffe - Evelyn Holtschulte - Luis Joe Jimenez - Mary A. Koval - Kathleen (Kramer) Gapik - James Kuykendall - Mariann (La Hood) O'Brien - Sheryl (Larsen) Woodbury - Kathryn (LaVoire) Marr - Jim Lawler - Virginia G. Lee - Edwin McEachern - Mike Moore - Yvonne (Nelson) Armstrong - William "Mike" Orr - Sandra (Pranz) Penn - Robert Rumbaugh - Connie (Sandberg) Todd -  - Sharon L. Thomas - Constance Trosen - Donald Turcotte - Diana Vaughan  - Beatta (Wilson) Johnston